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Suite Pincio

Gardens, gardens, gardens and walks. Since ancient times, the vast hilly area of Pincio has been appreciated for its pleasant climate (far from the Tiber and its mosquitoes) and lush parks. Interestingly, it is not one of the seven hills of ancient Rome, despite being one of the most beautiful, since it is located outside of the pomoerium, the sacred walls of the ancient city. The gardens of Pincio were commissioned by Napoleon, who wanted to give back to the Romans an important piece of the city. Today, it remains one of the most­visited and best­loved places in Rome.

Equipped with a private terrace and connected to the Valadier Suite.

Climb the hill!

The colour

The intense green of the walls is dedicated to the plants and trees the ancient Romans called the Pincio Collis Hortulorum - the Hill of Gardens.