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Suite Villa Medici

An intimate room with a four poster bed. Laid out before guests, here lies all the history of Rome.

The Villa Medici is one of the highest points of the city, and in ancient times was part of the Gardens of Lucullus. In 1570 Cardinal Ferdinando de Medici restored the villa and its gardens, and they enjoyed their greatest moment of splendour: while the villa was enriched with marble, collections and spectacular façades, the garden became the most elegant walk in the city, and remained so until the advent of Napoleon. Since 1803 it has been the site of the Académie de France, a place revered by important contemporary artists.

Your trip to Rome… starts here!

The colour

The gray-green tone of the walls is taken from the internal surfaces of the building opposite, a precious work of the architect Dori, completed in 1764 for his rich client Marquis Rondinini. The building was then passed down to the Capranica family, the Borghese family, the Odescalchi family until Mount dei Paschi and is the current site of the Ancient Chess Club.