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Suite Ripetta

The Ripetta Suite, named after the street Via di Ripetta, commemorates the ancient port and great river city that Rome represented up until 1800 – a fact that not many people know, and that is often forgotten by Romans, too. The Porto di Ripetta (this diminutive of ‘ripa’ meaning ‘little bank’, which distinguished the port from the ‘great bank’ of the Ripa Grande in Trastevere) was the economic heart of the capital’s businesses. Via di Ripetta was initially named Via Leonina after it was adapted by Pope Leo X but was renamed shortly after.

The suite has a large terrace.

You are in the center of Campo Marzio, near Ara Pacis…
the center of the modern world, and the contemporary one!

The colour

The yellow of the walls is a small triumph of the Romans and is the background to the marble fireplace. The four poster bed is in gray flint, as is the large private terrace, from which you can enjoy a view of the street and a glimpse of the important obelisk of Piazza del Popolo and the dome of Santa Maria dei Miracoli completed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.